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Home fragrances. How does your home smell?

Home fragrance FRIGGA
Home fragrance FRIGGA

There is a reason for sayings such as “the fragrance of luxury” and “the fragrance says it all”. Smell is an unbelievably magical phenomenon. The famous film “Perfume. The story of a murderer” reminds us that sensations such as love, passion, beauty or even the sense of power may be masterfully extracted from flowers, wood, fruit or collected from virtually intangible things.

The term “aromatherapy” was first used in medical context by the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefosé in 1928. However, historical sources show that aromatherapy was practiced already in the early days of mankind. The use of aromatherapy is considered to have started as early as humans started to distinguish first smells, which have always been important in our lives. We can smell different scents in several seconds, but our reactions to them may be completely different and individual. Scents affect us, our thoughts, feelings, moods and event physical conditions. The effect is achieved through changes in a person’s mood – some aromas sooth, others stimulate, influence emotions or moods, decrease weariness, or ease breathing.


Environments which we visit and in which we dwell are full of scents. Although we do not see scent, it still can be distinguished through senses, felt through energetic plane, that’s why through its direct effect we perceive and feel spaces. Scents can influence deep, sometimes even uncontrollable emotions. It is a powerful memory driver that can seep deep into our memory “repositories” and awaken well-hidden emotions or conjure absolutely new sensations. What is more – with a little touch of magic they can even invite changes to our lives. The smells of our homes or workspaces are extremely important as there we spend the most of our time.


Scent is an invisible substance that helps to shape spaces and fill them up. The scent of our homes is particularly important, as here we spent the most of our time. Our hand-crafted home fragrances and their unique formulas were created in accordance with all the major perfumery canons. At first the fragrance pyramid will reveal light and stimulating top notes, which will later be replaced by sublime base notes and our little formula secrets.

For bedroom zones we recommend sweeter, invigorating and romantic aromas, contained in the series of goddess Freya. Here you will find the scents of roses, jasmine and verbena. These aromas have been long considered to be aphrodisiacs that stimulate gentleness, devotion and passion. Harmony, partnership, concord and home protection will be ensured by cozy and warm aromas of cedar, almond, tobacco blossoms and spices. It is best to use them in the living room or those home areas where whole family gathers often and spends their time together (Frigga series).

Zones of career-making, work and activity may be strengthened by using aromas of patchouli, ambergris, and myrrh that since ancient times have been considered symbols of luxury and achievements. Sublime and rich aromas not only attract money, but also they help to create a pleasant and calm atmosphere (products of the series Thor and Freyr).

Those willing to calm down and relax should choose fresh and slightly “cold” aromas. These are contained in our series Mimir – mint, peppermint, eucalyptus and the aroma of sea.


Home fragrance FREYA
Home fragrance FREYA

We crafted our home fragrances and created their unique recipes in accordance with the most important canons of perfumery. At first the fragrance pyramid will reveal light and expressive top notes, for instance, tobacco and laurel leaves, which will later be replaced by sublime base notes, such as black agarwood or other scents. Not only will you make an impression on your family members or guests, but also you will experience the subtle secrets of out perfumery craftsmanship. “Smells like Spells” offers fragrances that are ever-changing. By overturning the fragrant sticks you will be able to relive the aroma journey from the first to the very last scent. Moreover, “Smells like Spells” home-fragrances are created by using a touch of knowledge in magic and made so that they would thoroughly fulfill the tasks given to them. How is that achieved? Each our hand-crafted home fragrance is attributed to a certain Norse god. The constituents of the fragrance and a simple ritual together with tips (included in the detailed description of a product) might help to harmonize the surrounding atmosphere and attract love or money to your home.

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