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Glass recycling. We also contribute!

Scented candle MIMIR

Today ecology is often sarcastically mocked upon and called the “new fashion” that is sometimes used as bait and that is said to be followed somewhat blindly. However, the rapidly growing amount of waste and the speed in which it is getting closer to a critical level is truly disturbing. Soon we won’t have to leave the house in order to put the trash out – we will be literally living among trash. Sorting and recycling might push this critical lever a bit further away thus giving some more time for our planet and us. By producing new things and products from recycled materials we not only protect the nature, but also help to save its resources, which are not endless after all. Glass recycling is one of the areas where we can contribute as well.

Glass can be recycled for thousands of times without compromising its quality. By recycling a single glass bottle you will save the amount of energy required for powering up your computer for as long as 20 minutes. Three recycled bottles – and you have an hour. In order to chip in at least a little and join the fight for preserving a cleaner world, for our aromatic candles we use containers made by cutting of the top part of used glass bottles.

The new type of glass industry/recycling/reusing, called “cut glass” is gaining popularity in Europe and globally. That is exactly what we are using for our aromatic candles. By thoroughly polishing edges, placing our logo and fitting a wooden lid we bring thee glass containers back to life, where they may be reused for numerous times. For crafting our products we try to use only organic and natural resources, while at the same time we take into account the nature’s rhythms that are extremely important for the magical use of our products. We sincerely believe that we are doing at least a little for preserving a cleaner world.


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