Scented tealight candles EIR

In Norse mythology the chief god Odin’s wife Frigga had many companions, friends and maids. One of her best and most loyal companions was Eir – the goddess of health. With her help you might:

  • Gain physical and spiritual powers;
  • Strengthen your physical body and immunity;
  • Get help when battling illnesses;
  • Harmonize the body’s energy centers and points;
  • Protect your physical body from illnesses.

For these hand-made aromatic tealight candles we created a magical aroma of mint, lime and myrrh, that symbolizes nature’s forces, harvest, abundance and health. We believe that this aroma might also help you regain your physical strength. These scented tealight candles might help to gain the favor of the medicine and health goddess Eir.


To produce these hand-made fragranced tealight candles we used:

Natural and organic soy wax that:

  • Does not emit toxic chemical compounds when burning;
  • Burns twice as long as ordinary candles;
  • Does not leave any stains, the spills are easy to clean;
  • Does not get hot, as it burns in lower temperature than paraffin;
  • Transfers more fragrance due to lower melting temperature which allows the aroma to disperse quicker.
  • Certified by OU Kosher agency as kosher.

Cotton and paper wick.

A magical aroma of mint, lime and myrrh (these are the main notes, the exact formula shall remain our little secret).


Together with these fragranced tealight candles you will get:

A detailed description of the candles’ purpose;

A description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents;

A simple meditation/affirmation ritual, that will help you use the powers of the scented tealight candles in order to gain physical and spiritual powers, strengthen your physical body and immunity, get help when battling illnesses, harmonize the body’s energy centers and points, and protect your physical body from illnesses. These scented tealight candles might help to gain the favor of the medicine and health goddess Eir.


Burning duration: ~5 hours

Package contents: 6 tealight candles

The tealight candles are hand-made, each of them is unique, therefore their weight and burning duration may differ.

Additional information

Weight400 kg
Dimensions110 × 80 cm
Products may help:

For physical and inner health


  1. Gróa (verified owner)

    EIR is my second favourite scent from the Norse collection. It’s fruity, fresh, and uplifting – totally suiting a goddess of healing. I love that the tealight’s metal cup has the same colour as the tealight itself (green, in this case). EIR is the right kind of candle to light when you’ve had a sh*tty day and need a bit of healing energy, either mentally or physically. I also light one daily now to invoke the godess’ help in the recent Corona crisis. May EIR help us heal the world.

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