Home fragrance FREYR

The unique formula of this home-fragrance was created in accordance with all the major perfumery canons. At first the fragrance pyramid will reveal herbal notes of patchouli, rich and intense notes of agarwood, followed by luxurious notes of ambergris and our little formula secrets. The home fragrance aroma changes over time. By overturning the fragrant sticks you will be able to relive the aroma journey from the first to the very last scent. We created this home-made home fragrance to those who aim at improving their financial situation. Even with a touch of magic financial luck will only come to people who put in some effort, struggle and aim for it. However, sometimes a bit of supernatural help is necessary and that’s why the aroma of the home fragrance and a simple meditation/affirmation ritual might help to:

  • Open paths and opportunities for financial flows to reach your home;
  • Realize your plans and aspirations related to the material plane of life;
  • Plan finances, income and expense;
  • Protect your material wealth from unexpected expense and jealousy of others.

In Norse mythology, god Freyr is the patron of fertility and prosperity. With the help of Freyr this home fragrance will allow to plant a seed of the magical money tree that brings financial wealth to your home.


To produce the hand-made home abundance fragrance we used:

Natural essential and aromatic oils:

  • Patchouli;
  • Agarwood;
  • Ambergris.

These are the main notes, the exact formula shall remain our little secret.


Together with this home abundance fragrance you will get:

A detailed description of the home fragrance’s purpose;

A description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents;

Rattan sticks with sola tree blossoms for spreading the magical aroma in your home.

A simple magical meditation/affirmation ritual and tips for placing the home fragrance so that its magical powers together with the help of fertility and prosperity god Freyr will open paths and opportunities for gaining financial wealth.  This home fragrance might help you realize plans and aspirations related to the material plane of life, protect your material wealth from unexpected expense and jealousy of others


Volume: 80 ml.

The aroma lasts for: about 3-5 months

This duration may differ depending on the surrounding temperature, humidity and changes in the atmosphere.

Additional information

Products may help:

To attract financial wealth


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