We collected this kit and dedicated it to all lonely souls who long for desire, excitement and the wind of new love. This kit and a simple ritual might help to:

  • Attract a new person of your dreams;
  • Forge a harmonious and close relationship;
  • Find happiness and joy in such a relationship;
  • Add love and material joy.

In Norse mythology Freyja was the goddess of fertility, love and passion. Freyja was considered to be the most desired goddess. Her love was sought by giants and gods, but she agreed to marry only the chief god Odin.  The Norse goddess Freya corresponds to Venus or Aphrodite in the pantheon of Ancient Greek and Roman gods.


When you buy this kit you get:

Hand made home fragrance Freya;

Hand made soy wax scented candle Freya;

Hand made rune candle Freya;

Hand made natural incense Freya.


Together with this collection you will get:

A detailed description of the kit purpose;

A description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents;

A simple meditation/affirmation ritual and tips for using the kit products so that it would reveal its magical powers which might help to attract to your life a new person, possessing the qualities of your dreams. The kit products may help to create harmonious partnership with such a person as well as to enrich this partnership with love and material joy.


Additional information

Products may help:

For harmony at home, In love and partnership


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