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We collected this kit to those who search for cosiness and warmth of the family hearth, who protect their home and family like the apple of their eye, whose home is their fortress. This kit and a simple magical ritual will help to:

  • Create harmony at home and among the family members;
  • Protect your home form anger;
  • Protect your home and family members form uninvited guests and their evil thoughts;
  • Bring prosperity and financial wealth.

In Norse mythology Frigga, the chief god Odin’s wife, is the goddess of household. She is the ideal guardian and keeper of the home’s hearth, the only one who is allowed by her husband to sit in his throne and look out over the whole world.


Out of stock

When you buy this kit you get:

Hand made home fragrance Frigga;

Hand made soy wax scented candle Frigga;

Hand made rune candle Frigga;

Hand made natural incense Frigga.


Together with this collection you will get:

A detailed description of the kit purpose;

A description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents;

A simple magical meditation/affirmation ritual and tips for using kit products so that its magical powers that will help you to create harmony at home and among family members, protect your home and family from anger, uninvited guests and their evil thoughts.  We believe that these products may bring prosperity and financial wealth.

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Products may help:

For harmony at home, In love and partnership


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