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We collected this kit for you who are constantly in a hurry, on the run, trying to reach something that sometimes might be unreachable. The the kit products and a simple meditation/affirmation ritual might help to:

  • Keep clean thoughts and mind;
  • Find a solution in difficult situations, enlighten the mind;
  • Develop intuition, hear your inner voice;
  • Reach harmony with yourself and the world.

In Norse mythology Mímir was the guardian of the wisdom well. He was famous for his knowledge and insights. Even the chief god Odin desired to drink from Mímir’s well, therefore he traveled to the land of giants to gain powers of knowledge.


Out of stock

When you buy this kit you get:

Hand made home fragrance Mimir;

Hand made soy wax scented candle Mimir;

Hand made rune candle Mimir;

Hand made natural incense Mimir.


Together with this collection you will get:

A detailed description of the kit purpose;

A description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents;

A simple meditation/affirmation ritual and tips for placing the kit products so that it would reveal its magical powers which might help to understand causes and effects of various events and to view situations, people and circumstances from a new angle. These kit products will help to find a solution in difficult situations, enlighten the mind, develop intuition, hear your inner voice and reach harmony with yourself and the world.

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Products may help:

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