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The candle‘s wick is its heart

In many cultures and religions there is a direct connection made between a candle and the human body, where wax is the body, wick is the spirit, and flame is the soul. A candle‘s wick is like its heart that affects the candle‘s burning quality and speed. A suitable wick, its material, thickness and its fitness to a specific shape of a candle ensures a high-quality result. The candle then burns evenly, without forming a tunnel or walls of unburned wax. When selecting a candle we often think about its shape, color or smell, but rarely take into account the most important thing – the wick.

While searching for the most suitable wicks for our soy-wax candles we tried out products of many producers and various types, however, none of them met our requirements and quality standards. The search for the perfect wick took us to Northern Italy, where in a small town we found a family business of professional wick-makers, mastering their trade since the sixties. In our cooperation we tried out a variety of wick from different materials (cotton, cotton and paper, linen), of various shapes (flat, braided, woven) and thickness, before we finally found wicks of suitable thickness, strength, density and composition, that we now use for producing our soy-wax candles.

For our hand-crafted soy-wax rune candles we use cotton and linen wick, firmly braided into a plait, as it was done by candle craftsmen of the previous century. A wick of such composition and shape absorbs wax the best and, when burning, does not produce a charred “cap” that emits unpleasant smell after putting the candle out. Our wicks, made in Italy, meet the highest quality requirements and are made of 100% natural materials, therefore are safe to use. They do not contain lead or other harmful metals that are often used in wicks and ensure good burning of a candle, but are extremely dangerous for the human organism. Our hand-crafted candles with natural cotton/linen wicks is a perfect choice – you will not have to worry about any harmful side effects.

Wooden wicks used in aromatic candles are fitted so well that after the candle burns out, all that remains is to thoroughly clean the empty glass container. Warmth and gentle cracklingof a wooden wick helps to create a cozy and special atmosphere.

Here are several practical tips for burning candles effectively and pleasantly:

It is better to use a match. Our candles bring not only practical use. Together with each hand-crafted candle you will get a simple magic ritual that, as we believe, might help you to change the direction of your life. Magic rituals forbid the use of lighters, because it is an unnatural fire source.

Once the candle is lighted, it is recommended to let it burn at least until all its top surface melts in order to avoid tunneling.

Candles should be put out with a special snuffer. By blowing a candle out you might not only spill the wax, but also offend the fire element.

These several simple rules will help you to enjoy your candles for a longer time.

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