Scented candle NORNS

In Norse mythology norns are female beings that rule the destiny of a child when it is born. In their function they are similar to Greek Moirai. They live under the roots of the destiny tree Yggdrasill, everyday they pour over them the water from the Well of Urðr and on these roots they carve the destiny of each human. For this hand-made soy-wax candle we chose the fragrance of mangoes, cinnamon and oriental spices which might help to:

  • Attract personal luck;
  • Guide the events towards a favorable direction;
  • Give you confidence in yourself and your powers;
  • Inspire you for new challenges, ideas, originality and resourcefulness.

The gods, alike humans, have their own root on the tree of life that norns carve their destinies on. However, even the gods cannot influence decisions of norns, therefore when asking for favors they should be addressed directly to the norns Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld.

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To produce the hand-made soy-wax scented candle we used:

Natural and organic soy wax that:

  • Does not emit toxic chemical compounds when burning;
  • Burns twice as long as ordinary candles;
  • Does not leave any stains, the spills are easy to clean;
  • Does not get hot, as it burns in lower temperature than paraffin;
  • Transfers more fragrance due to lower melting temperature which allows the aroma to disperse quicker.
  • Certified by OU Kosher agency as kosher.

Wooden wick that crackles cozily while burning.

A magical aroma of mangoes, cinnamon and oriental spices (these are the main notes, the exact formula shall remain our little secret).


Together with this candle you will get:

A detailed description of the candle’s purpose;

A description of the aromatherapic effect of different scents;

A simple meditation/affirmation ritual that will help you to reveal the powers of the scented candle which might help you to attract personal success and guide the events towards a favorable direction. This scented candle might also give you confidence in yourself and your powers as well as inspire you for new challenges, ideas, originality and resourcefulness.


Burning duration: ~40 hours

All the candles are hand-made, each of them is unique, therefore their weight and burning duration may differ.

Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 10 cm
Products may help:

To attract financial wealth, To attract luck and prosperity


  1. Gróa (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered the candle in addition to the tealights because I LOVE the “Norns” scent. The candle itself has the same lovely smell and the glass jar looks great, however I’m both too stupid for the wooden wick (the flame goes out every once in a while) and I also find that the noise the wick makes irritates me. That’s not the candle’s fault, however. I’m simply going to order the rune candle next 🙂

    • vilius-admin

      Hello, Thank you for such open and sincere feedback on our magic recipes! Such feedback helps us the most to improve our magic tools! The wooden wick is a special one which is created specially for the light crackling sound while burning to create a small fireplace effect, so it should be really a personal decision to choose such type of the wick. When it burns you should remove the ashes from the top of the wick as usual wick should be trimmed. It will help candle to burn properly and smoothly. 😉 Be Blessed! P.S. we will wait for you opinion about our rune candles. Do not forget that it can liquify wax (as old type candles), so put it in the bowl while burning.

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